Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
Monday, February 18, 2019
Bearing The Fruit of Love

        Because of copyright laws, we cannot broadcast our music on the web, so these are sermons only.  However, when you order a CD, you may receive the entire Worship Service if you so desire! The cost of CD's is $5.00 and each CD can hold one entire service or up to two sermons which will play in standard CD players or computer drives. We will prepare the CD according to how you fill out the order form. In addition, you may order sermons in mp3 format at only $1.00 each. We will place as many as possible on a CD and $2.00 postage and handling will be added per CD.

        These recordings are only temporary on the website but they are identical to the Multi Media Ministry CDs.  Our Web site has been enlarged to hold more sermons and we will continue to update this page about every two months.  This time lag allows for minor editing of dead space, microphone glitches, etc. of each file so that we can make this our best quality for your experience.

        Current Sermons: We are not currently in a series of sermons so this collection of messages will meet a variety of needs in the body of Christ. Most of these are by our Sr. Pastor but there a few notable exceptions: There is a very timely and powerful message on Freedom during the weekend of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday by Rev. Dr. Aubrey Williams. There are also two messages by our Youth Pastor, Josh Brown, the first on Jan. 27 and the second, in honor of our High School Graduates, on June 2nd. We believe you will be challenged to begin or grow in your relationship with the Lord through all of these messages.

        Click on the title to listen to the desired sermon.  Don't Forget:  For the best results, pause your player for a minute and let the full audio file load into it; then when you hit play, it will play more smoothly for you since your computer will only be playing it and not loading the file plus playing it at the same time!

     We pray that God will bless you richly as you share in these messages. 


        If you want to purchase one or more CDs, click on the following link, fill out an order form and send a check for $ 5.00 per CD payable to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.  That will cover the cost of the CD ($ 3.00) plus the mailing folder and the postage!!  You may also order messages in mp3 format at only $1.00 per message and we will put as many as will fit on each CD. There will be an additional charge of $2.00 per CD for the mailing folder and postage. Please note that we will mail to the address printed on the check unless you specify a different address to use. 
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